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Yangon Street Food Tours - 1 Day

Yangon Street Food Tours

Yangon Street Food Tours by Schones Morgenland. (30 USD per person)

YSFT (Yangon Street Food Tours) is a social purposed activity of Schones Morgenland Travel & Tours. All of the profit of this activity goes to a social group which teaches street children literacy. SCEM (Street Children Education Mission) is an independent self-supported with no regular financial support from any organization and all the teachers are volunteers too. SCEM has been running for a year and there are many needs for sustainability including rent fees, food, teaching aids and etc. Schones Morgenland Travel & Tours is to help that mission with every profit made from this Yangon Street Food Tours and we would like to invite you to be a part of something noble by enjoying local street snacks around downtown Yangon.

Yangon Street food tours by Schones Morgenland is a short (3-4 hours) walk and exploring and tasting foods activity. The activity is designed as dinner tour to explore busy night life of Yangon city and various snacks and food which only open in the evening. The activity will start at 5 pm, in front of City Hall and Mahar Bandoola Park. The dishes will feature various ethnic foods, Chinese and Indian foods and seasonal fruit juices and the package will contain 4-5 stops along the walk.

You got to eat the food when you visit somewhere!

Schones Morgenland Travel & Tours will try our best to serve you with best quality in freshness, taste and hygiene of the food.

Day 1
Set 1

Main dish: Grilled fish and vegetable Marla

Desserts: Myanmar sweets, green tea salad, couple snack, Indian snacks, steamed soy.

Drink: Seasonal fruit juice, sugar cane juice

Day 2
Set 2

Main dish: Vermicelli salad with pork stick and hard-boiled egg

Desserts: Myanmar sweets, green tea salad, couple snack, Indian snacks, spring roll.

Drink: Tea or any seasonal fruit juice

Day 3
Set 3

Main dish: Shan Noodle

Desserts: fried Tofu, spring roll, Myanmar sweets, green tea salad, Indian snacks.

Drink: Seasonal fruit juice, sugar cane juice.

Day 4

Meet your guide for the day In front of Immanuel Baptist Church

Day 5

Last food stall We will depart after the last food station. There is the option of meeting up with the teacher volunteers for a chat, or even more food!

Our Service Package includes

  • 1 Set of dishes

Our Service Package doesn’t include

  • Personal Expanses (buying souvenirs, Camera Fees, etc.)
  • Any other items not being mentioned above.

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Price From USD$30/person
Total $ 30 USD

Trip Facts

  • 2-6 people
  • 3-4 hours
  • Contact the host to determine the pick up location
  • Walk
  • Local Delights, Night-Life, Social Enterprise

Contact in Myanmar

No.980, Kyan Sar Thin kyoung St, East Gyokone, Insein,Yangon,Myanmar.